Changes from the Classic Sortable UI

When you switch over to the Report Builder from the classic Sortable user interface (UI), you may notice a difference in how you access and view your data.

In terms of the user experience, the layout is largely the same—you have a navigation menu on the left and a dashboard of chart widgets on the right. The widgets themselves are a little different and provide you with more (and easier) ways to interact with your data.

You may observe differences between the classic UI and the new Report Builder. We have upgraded our data pipeline to collect more granular data points, which has helped improve our reporting.

So, what's changed?

Create and save reports

  • Reporting is far more powerful than in the classic UI
  • Previous report types are now dimensions. This allows you to create one report that includes two or more of the previous report types in addition to many of the other dimensions provided. These dimensions include:
    • Page Segment
    • UTM Campaign
    • UTM Content
    • UTM Medium
    • UTM Source
    • UTM Term 
  • New dimensions include:
    • Ad unit name (previously called Placement)
    • Buyer Relationship (this was previously called Source, but now it is more specialized)
    • Campaign Type (this was previously called Source, but now it is more specialized)
    • DFP Order Name 
    • Refresh
    • Refresh Depth
    • Segment
    • Size Reporting for Enterprise
    • Slot-Level Targeting
    • URL (Top 50)
  • New Header Bidding Report (available upon request)
  • Ad Format dimension is now retired
  • Referrals report type is now retired
  • Data before April 1, 2018 is only available using historical reports; anytime after that is with the new reports.
  • Data prior to July, 2018 (April, May, and June) is included in the Report Builder for trend analysis. The official data for this timeframe is that of the classic UI.

New metrics available

  • Gross CPM
  • Gross Revenue
  • Net Revenue (previously called Revenue)

Navigation bar reconfigured

  • Simplified navigation bar
  • Home button opens your dashboard 
  • Advanced Report is now called Performance Report
  • New Saved reports
  • New Create New Report
  • Campaign Manager is now retired 

Versatile dashboard

  • You can now access reports or detailed graphs directly from the widgets
  • Visualizer (ability to create charts and graphs is WAY more powerful than in the old UI)
  • Revenue widgets contain more entries 
  • New Top Ad Units by Revenue widget
  • Performance From and Today so far widgets are now retired

Tip: "Save" a performance report by copying and pasting the URL. This link is shareable only with other people who have similar permissions.