Hosted Ads.txt

Hosted ads.txt is a way for you to control and manage your own ads.txt file while we host it for you in Sortable Analytics. You add your custom ads.txt lines to the Ads.txt Custom Lines page and when our ads.txt page is updated, your ads.txt page is automatically updated too. 

How does this benefit me?

You don't have to manually update your page every time we update our ads.txt file. Once your custom lines are in, every time we update our ads.txt file, yours is updated automatically.

What's changed in Sortable Analytics?

There is a new page under Site Settings called Ads.txt Custom Lines. You'll be able to see this page and add your custom lines, but if you haven't requested that it be enabled, we aren't hosting it for you (yet).

What do I have to do to enable this feature?

Contact your account manager or email

Can I add multiple lines at a time? 

Absolutely. Copy and paste one per line and then click Save

How do I get the ads.txt redirect URL? 

Sortable will provide it when we enable your account.

Do I need to do anything?

This feature was rolled out to everyone, but you don't have the power to enable it. You need to perform these steps (preferably before your account is enabled):

  1. Copy all of your custom lines from your own Ads.txt file.
  2. In Sortable Analytics, navigate to Site Settings > Ads.txt Custom Lines.
  3. Select a site.
  4. Paste the custom lines where it says Ads.txt lines (One per line).
  5. Click Save.