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  1. Tax form requests New

    Tax form request information for our US customers.
  2. How to preview a line item creative and create a preview link New

    It can be helpful to preview how an ad creative will look once it is served on your website or be able to provide a link to a client or other team members to review and approve. This article will walk you through the steps needed to preview a line i...
  3. Product Release Note – April 7, 2020

    We have some exciting updates for the month of April. Prebid native ad support for Sortable Hosted and Sortable Managed Services New Prebid bidder adapter support Completed testing for new CMP solution for CCPA and GDPR Top 100 URL and UTM para...
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  8. Product Release Notes – March 12, 2020

    We have some exciting updates for the month of March. We have: Upgraded to Prebid v3 Added support for six new Prebid adapters Added OpenRTB integrations for Acuity Ads and Improve Digital  Improved ad size configuration for Sortable Hoste...
  9. GDPR – Finding your Sortable advertising ID

    In order to provide details on any personal data we've collected and processed, we need your Sortable advertising ID (the value of the d7s_uid cookie from your browser). An IP address is not enough to uniquely identify an individual.  If y...
  10. Benefits of Using Anchor Units

    Many factors need to be considered when deciding where ads should be placed on a page as every website is different, and as such would require different layouts. Our team is continuously strategizing with our publishers to ensure they are getting th...