Sortable Blocklist Options

Sortable has several options for blocklists when onboarding a new site: Standard, Sensitive, or no blocklist. 

  • Standard typically includes items that are age-specific, like alcohol or dating. 
  • Sensitive includes all the blocks from our Standard blocklists plus additional blocks that users can be more sensitive to seeing, like religion or politics. 
  • No blocklist means that no category or URL blocks are applied, only our network-wide blocks. 

Unfortunately, our blocklists cannot be customized, you need to select one of the three options. Click the links below to see what is included in the Standard and Sensitive Categories.

Sortable Standard Blocklist

Sortable Sensitive Blocklist

Additional Category Information

Sometimes there are several items that fall into a category, or sensitive ads appear in a category that may not seem to match. Here is a list of sensitive items that are included in specific categories that may help you decide which blocklist to choose.

ValueCategory NameIncluded in this category
IAB7-5Alternative MedicineCannabis ads.
IAB9-7Card GamesGambling ads.
IAB9-9CigarsAll tobacco products fall under this category.
IAB9-30Video & Computer GamesFantasy role-playing ads may fall under this category.
IAB11-5CommentaryThis is the subcategory within Law, Government, and Politics that indicates political commentary.
IAB13-2Credit/Debt & LoansWhere partners have more granular categories, only high-risk loans such as Payday Loans are blocked. Banks and credit cards are still allowed to serve where possible.
IAB17-14Game & FishFirearms ads may fall under this category.
IAB17-18Hunting/ShootingFirearms ads may fall under this category.
IAB19-30Shareware/FreewareThis category may include "free" downloads and browser extensions.
IAB25Non-Standard ContentThis category is blocked across our network and includes content such as Pornography, Violence, and Profanity.
IAB26Illegal ContentThis category is blocked across our network and includes content such as Malware and Copyright infringement.

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