Onboarding Timeline – Sortable Select

The typical duration for a Sortable Select Onboarding is 2–4 weeks. This is dependent on the turnaround from your team for Ad Manager Access, approvals, demand partners, and test pages.

  • Week 1: Sortable Team Preparation
    • Once we have Google Ad Manager Access, we will start preparing everything on our side including Complexities Checks and Google Ad Manager Set-up.
  • Weeks 2: Test Page Preparation
    • Once we have access to your Google Ad Manager Account (GAM) and finish our GAM review and set-up, we will send you additional information for your integration to complete your test page, including the JavaScript file name replacement listed in the Sortable Enterprise Integration Document.
    • We have allocated one week for your team to prepare the test page with the required changes from the Sortable Enterprise Integration Document.
    • In order to keep your estimated launch date, we will need your test page within two (2) weeks from starting the onboarding.
  • Week 3: Testing
    • Once we have received a test page from your team, Sortable will run a series of tests and get back to your team with any changes necessary before approving a launch date.
  • Week 4: Launch
    • After the test page has been approved, we can schedule the launch date. This is typically a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday between 9am and 11am EST.
    • Your estimated launch date is four (4) weeks from starting the onboarding.