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  1. Sortable for Prebid – Adapter integration guide

    Sortable for Prebid – How to set up your Sortable account and ad server, configure the adapter, and set a Sortable tagId for each ad unit. We also go over Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Sortable-hosted Quantcast CMP

    Sortable partnering with Quantcast to provide hosted CMP solution for CCPA and GDPR Sortable is excited to announce our partnership with Quantcast, as we continue to provide our publishers with a hosted CMP solution compliant with current and upcom...
  3. What is ads.txt?

    How to use ads.txt in conjunction with Sortable's ANALYZable.
  4. Performance Report tutorial

    The Performance Report is a dynamic tool that provides a powerful way to visualize your data to quickly spot trends and isolate where to make optimizations.
  5. Lazy loading

    Lazy loading is one more way for publishers to optimize their websites. Rather than immediately loading all ads on a page when it's opened, a publisher can build triggers into the code that prevent ads from loading until a certain condition is met (for example, when a user scrolls to a specific part of the page).
  6. CCPA & GDPR – Custom link locations

    Sortable’s hosted Quantcast CMP includes default sticky or floating links to provide users under CCPA or GDPR with the opportunity to manage their consent settings while visiting your site. You can customize the location of these links to prov...
  7. Report terms

    Various settings (dimensions, metrics, filters) available in ANALYZable and Prebid Analytics.
  8. Outstream Video

    What is Outstream Video? Outstream video (also referred to as "native video" or "in-read") is primarily used in non-video environments (like social feeds or blog posts). Unlike instream video, outstream video doesn't need...
  9. Search Feed Endpoint and Required Parameters

    Endpoint https://xml-nar-ss.ysm.yahoo.com/d/search/p/sortable/xmlb/   Required parameters mkt Syntax ¶   mkt= ca | us serveUrl To ensure quality serving, you need to provide us with the serveUrl . The serveUrl is ...
  10. Sortable’s guide for preventing invalid traffic (IVT)

    Invalid traffic (IVT) refers to traffic that artificially inflates your impressions or clicks through malicious or accidental means. Sources of IVT can include bot traffic, incentivized clicks, accidental clicks, or click farms. Increasingly, demand...