Product Release Notes – February 12, 2020

We have some exciting updates for the month of February:

  • Support for Chrome 80 cookie changes
  • Updated CMP to support TCF 1.1
  • New Top URL report
  • Managed Refresh time interval customization
  • Improved support for non-standard ad formats

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Your Sortable Product team

Cookie changes for Chrome 80 requirements

Google Chrome 80, released on February 4, 2020, included new requirements that all third-party cookies be set as secure and SameSite=None. Sortable has updated our cross-site cookies accordingly, and ensured that only secure requests are made to Sortable Server-to-Server Demand partners.

TCF 1.1 CMP rollout

As part of our commitment to maintaining compliance with ongoing updates to the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework, we rolled out updates to Sortable’s hosted CMP and underlying framework for managing user consent.

Time interval options for managed refresh

Sortable’s managed refresh can now be configured for time intervals between 30 and 300 seconds.

New line items for non-standard sizes

Sortable Select customers can opt to have new line items added to their Google Ad Manager (GAM) to improve support for non-standard sizes and formats from their bidders. We have previously implemented these new line items for our Sortable Hosted and Sortable Managed Services customers.

Top 100 URL report

For publishers that monitor revenue contributions at a page level, we now have a report that lets you see the performance of the top 100 URLs. Add it to your dashboard to provide a quick snapshot of the performance of your top pages.