Product Release Notes – January 7, 2021

It’s a brand new year and we can’t wait to tell you what we’ve been up to! Our updates for January include:

  • Web Interstitials available for Sortable Hosted
  • New bidder adapter support
  • Improvements to Managed Refresh
  • Table view now defaults to 50 rows in all reports

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Web Interstitials for Sortable Hosted

Just in time for the Black Friday and Christmas rush, Sortable launched support for Google’s new Web Interstitials format. Sortable Hosted customers that have enabled this format have benefited from CPMs up to 20x the CPMs of regular banner ads on incremental advertising inventory. 

For more information on this new format, please visit our knowledge base, or contact to ask about enabling this format for your site(s).

New bidder adapter support

We now support the Prebid bidder adapters for DeepIntent and Lockerdome. If you have an account with either of these bidders, and would like to enable them for additional competition on your advertising inventory, please contact

Improvements to Managed Refresh

Sortable’s Managed Refresh helps publishers create additional viewable ad inventory by refreshing ad slots in an active viewport after a predetermined amount of time. With the latest updates, we can now support the set-up of varying refresh intervals for different ad units or direct campaigns, to help you optimize both your programmatic and direct ad revenue and performance. For more information on Managed Refresh, check out this article.

For more details, please contact your account manager or email us at

Table view defaults to 50 rows in all reports

We’ve increased the default rows of all our reports from 25 to 50. This allows an entire month’s worth of data to show in the Table view of the report. You can still change the visible rows by using the Show Rows drop-down menu to show more or less data once the report has been populated.

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