Product Release Notes – March 4, 2021

We have some marvelous updates for the month of March. We have:

  • Support for three more Prebid bidder adapters
  • New Facebook Pixel Event feature
  • An update on Prebid User ID module support

Support for more Prebid bidder adapters

We now support the Prebid bidder adapters for Smaato, OneTag, and RhythmOne. If you have an account with one or more of these bidders, and would like to enable them for additional competition on your advertising inventory, please contact


Facebook Pixel Event feature 

For publishers who source traffic via Facebook campaigns, you can now track the value of your converted users in real-time. Set a session RPM value that sends a Facebook Pixel Event when a user’s session value exceeds the set threshold. Alternatively, send Facebook Pixel Events every time a user’s session value crosses a multiple of the threshold value. Track these events directly in Facebook Analytics and learn which segments of users to retarget for future campaigns. 

Progress update on Prebid User ID module support

Later this month, we will begin supporting configuration of the Prebid User ID module to enhance buyer recognition of visitors to your site, while respecting user privacy preferences. Initial support will include the following vendors/solutions:

  • Shared ID
  • PubCommon ID
  • IdentityLink (Liveramp)
  • Unified ID
  • LiveIntent ID

We will be testing the Shared ID and PubCommon ID solutions that rely on existing browser capabilities including first-party cookies. If you would like to find out more about integrating other solutions that can securely associate your user data (such as email login) with a pseudonymous identifier to share with bidders, or would like to request support for an additional identity solution, please contact

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