Product Release Notes – October 13, 2020

We have some exciting updates for the month of October. We have:

  • Coming soon! Expanded Prebid Outstream video support
  • Updated to Prebid v4.5
  • Added AppMonet Prebid bid adapter support

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Your Sortable Product team

Coming soon! Expanded Prebid Outstream video support 

We’re getting ready to launch a major expansion of our Sortable Video offering, with broader support for Prebid Outstream video format ads from more bidders.

We can:

  • Enable outstream video ads for specific ad slots and segments of inventory with Sortable’s granular targeting capabilities
  • Set Prebid video parameters required by some outstream bidders
  • Control which supported outstream bidders are enabled for your outstream inventory
  • Add a default video ad renderer for cases when bidders do not supply their own renderer in the bid response

Launching this month:

  • Support for new bidders including Appnexus, Rubicon, Pubmatic, and Index Exchange; in addition to our existing support for Unruly

If Sortable manages accounts with these bidders on your behalf and you have Sortable Video enabled for ad units on your site, no action is needed, we’ll take care of rolling out this demand for you when it is available.

If you have your own accounts with any of these bidders and are interested in enabling their outstream demand for your site, we’ll work with you on setup when support for those bidders has launched. If you would like to request support for additional bidders, or ask questions about how Sortable Video can help boost your Q4 revenue, please contact

Updated to Prebid v4.5 

We have completed an upgrade to use Prebid v4.5. Version 4, the latest major release from Prebid, includes better support for the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework 2.0 for GDPR, as well as a move towards more standardization of data fields, including bidder parameters. 

Added AppMonet Prebid bid adapter support

Sortable has added support for the AppMonet Prebid adapter. If you have an account with AppMonet and would like to include their bidder for additional competition on your advertising inventory, contact