Report Builder


Report Builder – Introduction
Report Builder gives you the power to create and generate reports with your data. Learn what is working and uncover opportunities to improve and grow your revenue. Complete with data visualizations and new dimensions, you get the tools to do deeper analysis than ever before.
Report Builder – FAQ
Frequently asked questions for Report Builder
Dashboard Quick Reference Guide
The dashboard is made up of nine (9) widgets with pre-generated charts that give you a quick, high-level assessment of your account’s performance. Each widget shows the overall trends for the information available. To see a more in-depth vi...
Changes from the Classic Sortable UI
When you switch over to the Report Builder from the classic Sortable user interface (UI), you may notice a difference in how you access and view your data. In terms of the user experience, the layout is largely the same—you have a navigation ...
Report terms
Various settings (dimensions, metrics, filters) available in the Report Builder and Prebid Analytics. Keeping internal until all information is verified as suitable for external distribution.
Performance Report Tutorial
The Performance Report is a dynamic tool that provides a powerful way to visualize your data to quickly spot trends and isolate where to make optimizations.
Ad Revenue Report Tutorial
This article introduces you to the Ad Revenue report, a powerful tool that allows you to create expansive reports and save them for future use.
Using Ads.txt
How to use Ads.txt using Report Builder or Sortable Analytics.
Exploring the Billing Screen
In our continuing efforts to increase transparency, we have added a billing screen to the new Sortable dashboard. This provides a breakdown of funds processed through Sortable and the total amount owed to/by Sortable . To access the billing screen,...
Customize your Sortable Analytics dashboard
We recognize that many of our customers and users have different needs, and custom dashboards allow you to tailor a dashboard to your own requirements. You can create as many as you need—different people on your team may each want their own, a...
Hosted Ads.txt
Hosted ads.txt is a way for you to control and manage your own ads.txt file while we host it for you in Sortable Analytics. You add your custom ads.txt lines to the Ads.txt Custom Lines page and when our ads.txt page is updated, your ads.txt page is...