Report Builder – Introduction

At Sortable, we are always dreaming up ways to help our customers make better business decisions. As a company built on data-driven decisions, our mission is to arm our customers with accurate information presented in useful ways—so you can optimize your programmatic ad inventory and maximize your potential advertising revenue. That’s why Sortable is proud and excited to share a first look at the latest version of our user interface, known as Report Builder.

Report Builder gives you the power to create and generate reports with your data. Learn what is working and uncover opportunities to improve and grow your revenue. Complete with data visualizations and new dimensions, you get the tools to do deeper analysis than ever before.

Some of the new dimensions and features include:

  • Timezone options in a date range
  • Report level filters
  • Metric level filters
  • New data dimensions 
    (Buyer Relationship, Connection Type)
  • Hourly Reports
  • Bar and Donut charts
  • Visualize up to 25 data points
  • Save reports

Share your thoughts and feedback

As of today, the Report Builder is your default view when you navigate to Had a chance to explore? Let us know what you think by clicking the Feedback button  on the top right of the dashboard and submitting your comments.

Report Builder has been built based on conversations with our customers about what would be most helpful in your day-to-day. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts or ideas—we value your feedback.

Navigation tutorial

View this handy tutorial document for a guided walk through Report Builder. Get step-by-step instructions on available functionalities and learn to generate your first reports.

Have a look around for more tutorials and resources to help you use our new UI, as we prepare to phase out the classic view. If you have any questions, please send them to In the meantime, happy exploring!


The Sortable Team