Sortable for Prebid


Sortable for Prebid – Adapter integration guide
Sortable for Prebid – How to set up your Sortable account and ad server, configure the adapter, and set a Sortable tagId for each ad unit. We also go over Frequently Asked Questions
Prebid Analytics – Integration guide
This article is an integration guide for Prebid Analytics. It covers account setup and adapter configuration.
Sortable for Prebid – Prebid adapter
This article describes the Sortable for Prebid product and its features.
Prebid Analytics – Quick reference guide
What is Prebid Analytics?  Prebid Analytics is the dashboard that is a part of the Sortable for Prebid solution. Sortable's Prebid Analytics plugs into your existing Prebid setup and provides you with the data you need to optimize your...
Prebid Analytics – FAQ
How do I set a specific date range for my report? In the Date Range drop-down menu, select Customize . When you do, controls appear to select specific start and end dates. Why can’t I change my chart into a line chart? Line c...