Updated Articles

  1. What is ads.txt?

    How to use Ads.txt using Sortable Analytics.
  2. Report terms

    Various settings (dimensions, metrics, filters) available in Sortable Analytics and Prebid Analytics.
  3. Ad Revenue Report tutorial

    This article introduces you to the Ad Revenue report, a powerful tool that allows you to create expansive reports and save them for future use.
  4. Performance Report tutorial

    The Performance Report is a dynamic tool that provides a powerful way to visualize your data to quickly spot trends and isolate where to make optimizations.
  5. Introducing the Ad Quality Report

    The Ad Quality report in Sortable Analytics provides you with insights about the impressions that are being blocked by Confiant, Sortable's ad quality partner. What is Confiant and how does it work? Sortable has partnered with Confiant to ...
  6. Sortable Analytics – FAQ

    Frequently asked questions for Sortable Analytics
  7. Sortable Analytics – Introduction

    Sortable Analytics gives you the power to create and generate reports with your data. Learn what is working and uncover opportunities to improve and grow your revenue. Complete with data visualizations and new dimensions, you get the tools to do deeper analysis than ever before.
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