Updated Articles

  1. Outstream Video New

    What is Outstream Video? Outstream video (also referred to as "native video" or "in-read") is primarily used in non-video environments (like social feeds or blog posts). Unlike instream video, outstream video doesn't need...
  2. What is Sortable Video?

    Sponsored Video — exclusive to Sortable publishers — allows you to have access to instream demand but with an outstream experience for your users. So, you don’t need to create your own video content, you can still demand top CPM dollars, and the videos are competing for placement in your existing ad slots.
  3. Onboarding Timeline – Sortable Select

    The typical duration for a Sortable Select Onboarding is 2–4 weeks. This is dependent on the turnaround from your team for Ad Manager Access, approvals, demand partners, and test pages. Week 1:  Sortable Team Preparation Once we have ...
  4. Onboarding Timeline – Sortable Hosted

    The typical duration for a Sortable Hosted Onboarding is 2–4 weeks. This is dependent on the turnaround from our demand partners' approvals and from your team on the Ad Exchange form, code changes, and test page. Week 1:  Sortable T...
  5. Product Release Notes – October 13, 2020 New

    We have some exciting updates for the month of October. We have: Coming soon! Expanded Prebid Outstream video support Updated to Prebid v4.5 Added AppMonet Prebid bid adapter support You can reach us at product@sortable.com . We’d love ...
  6. Search Feed Endpoint and Required Parameters

    Endpoint https://xml-nar-ss.ysm.yahoo.com/d/search/p/sortable/xmlb/   Required parameters mkt Syntax ¶   mkt= ca | us serveUrl To ensure quality serving, you need to provide us with ...
  7. Hosted ads.txt

    Hosted ads.txt is a cost-free way for you to control and manage your own ads.txt file while we host it for you in Sortable Analytics. You add your custom ads.txt lines to the Ads.txt page and when our ads.txt page is updated, your ads.txt page is au...
  8. Creating an ads.txt redirect for hosted ads.txt

    Create an ads.txt redirect for hosted ads.txt with providers: WordPress, Apache, and Nginx.
  9. Sortable for Prebid – Adapter integration guide

    Sortable for Prebid – How to set up your Sortable account and ad server, configure the adapter, and set a Sortable tagId for each ad unit. We also go over Frequently Asked Questions
  10. Report terms

    Various settings (dimensions, metrics, filters) available in Sortable Analytics and Prebid Analytics.