What is viewable managed refresh?

Managed refresh is a tool that publishers can use to gain additional viewable impressions—increasing impression volume, viewability, and potentially, revenue. Essentially, ads refresh after a user has spent a pre-determined amount of time viewing the page that contains it, increasing the number of ads shown to the user. This should produce a higher revenue-per-session for the publisher. 

With our latest release, publishers with their own Google Ad Manager account can now take advantage of Sortable’s managed refresh solution to create additional viewable inventory compliant with the policies of Google and other demand partners.

For sites with Sortable's managed refresh enabled, ad slots will refresh after 30 seconds if they are within an active viewport.

To understand if managed refresh is right for you, contact success@sortable.com.

For more information on managed refresh, check out our blog entry Ad Refresh, Reconsidered